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Hugo Cancio

Hugo M. Cancio is an internationally-renowed expert on the Cuban business environment and culture.

Hugo M. Cancio is an internationally-renowned expert on the Cuban business environment and culture. He is also a relentless activist and proponent of the lifting of the economic embargo imposed by the United States to Cuba. Over the past 28 years, Mr. Cancio has sought to build bridges of understanding and reconciliation between Cubans on both sides of the Florida coast. Over the course of 20 years, Mr. Cancio has been a big promoter of Cuban Culture. He owns a vast collection of Cuban art, has produced and promoted over 150 concerts with prominent Cuban artists as part of the cultural exchanges between the U.S. and Cuba, which helped pave the way for a change of mentality in Miami and other parts of the U.S. Some of his Cuban music productions were among the first nominated for Latin Grammy Awards. "We have a unique opportunity to set aside our political and ideological differences by focusing on those things that unite us instead of those that divide us." Mr. Cancio said during a recent television interview. He added, "Politicians and their politics usually perish, but music and arts always endure." As a private citizen, Mr. Cancio voiced his opinion to both the US and Cuban governments on reconciliation. Before and after the approchement between the two countries under the Obama Administration. He was invited by the Cuban Ambassador in the United States for the opening ceremony of the Cuban embassy in Washington DC, and by the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for the opening ceremony of the U.S. embassy in Havana. Mr. Cancio was also invited by the Obama administration to participate in President Obama's historical keynote speech during his visit to Havana.

Since 2004, Mr. Cancio has been President and CEO of Fuego Enterprises, Inc. a publicly-traded diversified U.S. holding company focused on Cuba and other emerging markets. He was successful in gaining approval from the Cuban government to open a permanent news media bureau in Havana for OnCuba News, and creating OnCuba Media that serves as the first Cuban-focused bilingual platform. and publisher of OnCuba Travel Magazine and ART OnCuba Magazine with national distribution in the U.S. and a leading cross-over media solution for both the U.S. and Cuba. Under Fuego Enterprises, Mr. Cancio was also responsible for securing approval to start operations in Cuba for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, the third largest cruise line in the world, where Mr. Cancio remains as a consultant and general representative for all Cuba operations, Mr. Cancio continues to advise other Fortune 500 companies, prestigious U.S. law firms in their Cuba-related practice and investment firms around the world.

Mr. Cancio has participated and been a keynote speaker at several conferences worldwide such as Sky bridge Capital's prestigious SALT Conference and the Cuba Opportunity Summit at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Cancio has an extensive resume of national and international premier newspaper interview and television appearances such as The New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg. LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Cigar Aficionado, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CGTN, Miami Herald, The Anthony Bordain show NPR, Voice of America, and many others. Among his many accomplishments is also the 1997 production of the first American film produced entirely in Cuba since 1959 named Zafiros Locura Azul. which is the story of his father Miguel Cancio, who was part of the popular music group Los Zafiros the film went on to win the People's Choice Awards at the Havana International Film Festival as well as 9 other film festival awards across the globe, Born in Havana, Cuba, Mr. Cancio immigrated to the U.S. in 1980 during the Mariel Boatlift. Mr. Cancio resides in Miami and travels frequently to his office in Havana.

Deborah Alessi

Deborah Alessi, a Scottish born businesswoman, and CEO to several international brands

Deborah Alessi, a Scottish born businesswoman and CEO to several international brands has had a keen interest in health and beauty her entire life. Living a very active and busy lifestyle and having worked with numerous global enterprises and Fortune 500 businesses throughout the years, Deborah has searched the world for the best concepts and treatments when it comes to health, wellness and beauty.

Along with her husband, a biochemist longevity expert and Plastic Surgeon to the stars, together they have developed a unique combination of formulas for IV vitamin infusions that help to rejuvenate, revive and beautify.

In addition to leading the Beverly Hills IV Therapy team, Deborah also serves as the CEO/Founder of the charity organization Face Forward International, which provides pro bono reconstructive surgery and emotional support to survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and cruel acts of crime from around the world.

Phil Quartarao

Phil Quartarao is an American music industry executive

Phil Quartarao is an American music industry executive. He is currently President and Chairman at the Hello Group, and has held positions as CEO at Virgin Records, Warner Bros.Records and EMI, and has been involved in the careers of recording artists ranging from Link in Park to Josh Groban to the Spice Girls.

Quartararo is known as a defender of artist rights. He has spoken out on the fight against music piracy and the need to restore the value of music. Quartararo is regarded as one of the most promotion minded executives in the music business and is regarded as a thought leader on the subject of partnership between brands and artists.

Geraldine Dunoyer Montero

International Art Advisor
Art Dealer | Leading Female Entrepreneur | Better World Fund

Geraldine has a unique profile in the Art industry possessing a rare combination of deep expertise of the art marketplace and it’s actors, acute business acumen and an impressive network making her the art dealer of choice for collectors and investors. Geraldine has acquired her extensive expertise over three decades, mainly in Europe and the Middle East through a variety of functions and projects dedicated to art. Rarely will you come across an art dealer who has established their own art gallery in their early 20s, worked in the field of restored antique art restoration, lectured students, worked at an auction house as well as having advised diplomats, financiers and high profile personalities on the acquisition of coveted pieces. Geraldine has been nurturing her passion for art since she was born. The daughter of a famous 20th century post-impressionist artist – Jacques-Michel Dunoyer - she grew up admiring him composing his paintings in the back garden. Member of the “Ecole de St Paul”, Jacques-Michel rubbed shoulders on the Côte d’Azur with fellow artists such as Chagall, Borsi, Tobiasse and Coignard and he counted among his collectors Robert Wagner, Nathalie Wood and the Royal Courts of Spain and Japan.

Art came to her as an obvious career path and Geraldine joined the prestigious Ecole du Louvre in Paris. Geraldine graduated in 1990 after four years of formal education which covered all periods from antiquity to the 20th century and a master in Italian School and Venetian Renaissance. Subsequently, Geraldine consolidated her education undertook a 2-year programme at the Institut Européen Supérieur des Arts (IESA) in Paris, France, specializing in European schools from XVIIth to XIXth century, furniture and painting restoration.

Geraldine started her career with the renowned antique dealer – Gismondi – established rue Royale and was assistant of the auctioneer of European Auction Company (EAC), in Paris and Luxemburg. In 2005, Geraldine moved to Geneva. A visionary, Geraldine started to advise private banks on the creation of art funds and collections and investing in Art, as well as acting as art dealer for their wealthy customers. In 2012 she was nominated as member of the executive committee of the International Circle of Fondation de Genève, founded by Ivan Pictet, where she was in charge of organizing art-themed events. Geraldine was also for organizing the Cinema Verité, a Humanitarian Film Festival in Geneva, under the high patronage of H.M. Queen Noor of Jordan, between 2008 and 2010. Geraldine has an impressive network of ultra-high net worth individuals, ranging from financiers, philanthropists, diplomats and players in the movie industry.

From 2012 to 2015, Geraldine was Executive Director of the Rencontres Internationales de Genève (RIG), (in partnership with the city and university of Geneva) where she was responsible for conferences and events and in charge of public relations and fundraising. Interested in exploring Middle Eastern culture and artistic heritage, Geraldine moved to the UAE in 2015 where she established her new business - GMD Fine Art Advisory.

Geraldine is currently co-founder and CEO with Maitha Al Falasi of GMR Fine Art Advisory (opened in 2019), a successful international art consultancy specializing in Fine Art, Art Finance and Art Investment for high net-worth individuals and institutional investors. She is also Art Advisor for a unique platform offering NFTs for sale. Since February 2021 she is the International Director and advisor to the board of Better World Fund, an foundation using “Cinematic Art at the service of Humanity “ to fight for Women rights and education, environment, biodiversity and ecosystems. Throughout her career, Geraldine has been a passionate promoter of art and humanitarian causes and continues to tirelessly share her passion through assisting with the organization of exhibitions and events. Those who meet Geraldine often comment that they feel comfortable with her understated, relaxed and approachable manner notwithstanding her vast subject matter expertise. Indeed, Geraldine is always ready to share her knowledge and passion, whether with investors, collectors, students or friends. Art Industry professionals who know her unanimously praise Geraldine’s professionalism, ability and integrity.

H.E. Ali Khafajy Alameri

H.E. Ali Khafajy Alameri is a local native of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Vice Chairman

H.E. Ali Khafajy Alameri is a local native of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Vice Chairman of Alkhafajy Group and director and owner of power technic L.L.C. and owner of AKA house of perfumes. Ali Khafajy Alameri has a master degree in political science and economics from London School of Economy (LSE). He also holds a BA in political science and economics from George Washington University.

Khafajy Alameri prides himself in his dedication and passion to always help others. He has also invested time and money in the entertainment industry and truly enjoys the arts

Anukampa Prithviraj

Philanthropist Arrived in Dubai in 1983. Created an organization to sponsor under privileged kids in the GCC, opened the first travel retail store in the world for Lamborghini Fashion.

Partnered with M&C Saatchi in Kuwait office to create BTL activities for top FMCG and Automotive Clients.

Accomplished Commercial Director with unique communication skills and more than 30 years track record developing business at the highest levels in UAE, Kuwait and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also with significant experience in China, Italy, Austria and Holland. Trusted by and has long term relationships with some of the most senior and influential decision makers Automotive, Fashion and FMCG, Extensive Real Estate experience in Commercial, Retail and Residential for Multinationals and High Net Worth 'local' clients in ME and China, - Respectfully.

Stephen Meade

Stephen Meade is an American entrepreneur, executive and business founder.

Stephen Meade is an American entrepreneur, executive and business founder. Meade has created, incubated and architected (9) successful technology-based companies. Meade frequently speaks on the art of networking at executive leadership conferences and global communities of startup (i.e. executives, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, co-founders, students). In 2005, Meade founded Big Bamboo. LLC to serve as the incubator for ideas that are worth building a team around and bringing to market.

Meade is currently the CEO of, which is a FinTech Blockchain company for global companies to participate in corporate trade. MonetaPro competed in and won the Silicon Valley d10e Global ICO contest, which to date was the largest ICO competition in the World featuring 32 companies. MonetaProalso took 3rd place at d10e (Seoul, Korea), 4th place at d10e (San Juan, Puerto Rico), 2nd place at d10e (Malta), etc. MonetaPro has globally placed in eight startup competitions, more than any other company in this space.

Meade has also judged Startup contests around the world-including most recently at AIBC in Malta (where he helped craft some of the Blockchain Laws).

Lara Tabet

Qualified with Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management from Switzerland, Lara Tabet worked in the hospitality sector extensively prior to media. Later, she gained wide media experience as a prestigious Television presenter and producer, where she hosted her own show Society and co-hosted the live daily morning show City Women. Lara attributes her dynamic personality and wide ranging interests to growing up in a multi faceted city like Dubai, which represents a microcosm of all the very best that the world has to offer.

Apart from being a media personality. She is also a member of the board of the Arab Fashion Council and is the official spokesperson for the Arab Fashion Week, a bi-annual fashion event that promotes young and up-coming Arab and international fashion talent in the Middle East. Lara is on the boards of "Friends of Rashid Pediatric Centre and the "Red Crescent Society. raising funds for these high profile charitable foundations supporting children all over the world.

She has been instrumental in setting up her own brand "Luxury with Lara". She is the Brand Ambassador and Middle East Business Developer for a number of Global Luxury brands such as Michael Bruggler Watches, Margay’s Monte Carlo Skincare. Orem Haute Couture jewellery and Valeur Absolue Fragrance, to name a few.

Sir Mohamed Khalid Mohamed Al Ali

Sir Mohamed Khalid Al Ali is highly respected, innovative philanthropist and award-winning businessman

Mohamed Khalid Al Ali is highly respected, innovative philanthropist and award-winning businessman, He was awarded "Knight of Honor" in 2019 and in the same year he received the prestigious "Family Office Enlightened Governance Award” for his contributions to the global society and the family community.

Mohamed Khalid Al Ali is the Chairman of Al Ali Holding, founder and CEO of many companies & Board member and advisor to many International Investment Enterprises, such as the Private Royal Family of Dubai and some fortune 500 companies. An innovative and passionate businessman, leading one of the fastest national innovative groups of companies in the region. His significant experiences in local & international markets and collaboration with the most talented expert teams investing in field of Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Agriculture, Renewable Energy & Technology.

Fatima Khaouji

Fatima Khaouji is an international lawyer who has interests and investments in entrepreneurial business projects as well as the fashion & art world. Fatima is an independent business woman who thrives on helping others achieves their passions and goals. She holds a Masters Degree in International Law, Diplomacy and International Relations, International Business Law (Sorbonne university) with a Certificate from The Hague academy Of international law -peace palace. The Hague - Netherlands. Khaouji is also the founder of KHK Legal Consulting where they focus on helping people fix their business conflicts by the most peaceful settlement methods. Ultimately Fatima plans to form a non-profit organization that helps wolpen owned start-up companies with their initial legal phase of the corporate structure. She has explained that too often she has witnessed women business owners give up on their dreams of owning their own business because the initial legal set up was too difficult to understand and too costly.

Milena Gardasevic

After receiving her MFA from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Ms. Gardasevic moved to NYC and worked Off Broadway while simultaneously working as a Mon tangerine correspondent covering the arts section in the magazine 'Demokratski Stav'.

In 2012, Milena moved to Los Angeles to join Anthony Hopkin's company Margam Fine Arts, as Creative Direc tor. As a published author, one of her many tasks was to write 'Dreamscapes', the first authorized biography of Sir Hopkins.

In addition to her work at TWP (Trans World Power). She presents some of the world's greatest artists through her own corporation MNE Art - an art rental and sales gallery to luxury mansions across the US. She is also the president of the KotorArt Foundation, which supports KotoArt the largest national art festival in Montenegro.
Milena is an integral part of TWP's Latin America and European strategy.

Dr. Mahtab Damda

Dr. Mahtab Damda is a trained medical doctor

Dr. Mahtab Damda is a trained medical doctor. Dr. Damda is the President of a medical innovation company called Eigen for the last 10 years and has led the company in becoming leaders in fusion diagnostics and therapeutics in the world of Prostate cancer around the world. In the world of entertainment, Dr. Damda is Vice-President of Business Development for the Kensington Entertainment Group. Dr. Damda's credits include television series. The Winners Circle and Wheels & Deals and are currently producing a medical drama show and a sitcom. He has also aided in licensing new and better technologies to Eigen apart from creating cutting edge technology from R&D team in house. Dr. Damda has established relationships in over 20 countries establishing distribution partners and service agreements for Eigen. Dr. Damda delivers on corporate strategy, product development and product distribution for companies ranging in size from start-up to multinational.

Zaheera Surtee

Zaheera Surtee is a partner at Majorlle Capital a leading advisory firm

Zaheera Surtee is a partner at Majorelle Capital a leading advisory firm, where she is responsible for the GCC region. She has also established several businesses in the edutech, telecoms and retail sector.

Zaheera has over 12 years of investment banking and corporate finance experience. Prior to her entrepreneurial shift, she worked at Millennium Finance Corporation and was involved in several high profile M&A and ECM transactions, including one of the largest Middle East issuances. Her geographical experience comprises the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia resulting in an extensive and diverse network.

She joined Citigroup (South Africa) as a Management Associate, a prestigious leadership programme. She has advised several listed corporations in developing an African expansion strategy and was involved in several high profile transactions as an investment banker. She has established businesses in the edutech telecoms and retail sector.

Tianyu Zhang


Victory is a highly accomplished businesswoman who has excelled greatly in business as well as humanitarian causes. Her passion is helping others reach their goals and live a more fulfilled life. Some of her accomplishments include Best Seller Award from LVMH Group. Member of Qilu Construction Investment Management Association, Member of Global Chinese Entrepreneurs Economic Development Association, Member of Global Human Settlement Forum, Member of China Radio Television Culture Association, selected as presenter by Dubai Ivzhou Newspaper which cooperates with China Consulate & Dubai Chinese Business Council, selected as reporter by Middle East Chinese Media and Victory set up the China Arab Culture & Arts Exchange Platform. She is globally recognized as the bridge to many Chinese International projects and has a network of the top decision makers.


President of the WYBC

President of the World Youth Business Club WYBC advisor and a businessman in the affairs of R & D investment development and trade. He studied political science and business administration and management. Khalid is a special advisor to several of the Royal Family.



The World Youth Business Club works to preserve, share, educate and celebrate the history of youth culture in the field of commerce and business through a passionate network of Entrepreneurs and Innovators create new businessmen and women on the scene. Creating a business network between youth, governments and the private sector.

Neha Soni

A serial entrepreneur, investor, globetrotter and blockchain tech enthusiast

Neha Soni is a serial entrepreneur, investor, globetrotter and blockchain tech enthusiast. She is the founder of Corum8 with offices in the US and India while having global customer base.

Her company Corum8 is pioneer in offering 360 degree solution to blockchain startups which includes blockchain technology development, PR, recruitment and marketing. Along with this she is an active real-estate investor and have several other successful businesses.

Gabby Vieira

Master in neurolinguistic programming

At the height of her 32 years, Master in neurolinguistic programming, specialist in behavioral profiling, master coach, businesswoman and speaker, she was trained by the biggest names in coaching in the world and programmed her mind to live everything she dreamed of.

She traveled to over 36 countries to become an expert in human behavior and financial behavior and chose New York to start her career, where she could experience everything she learned about mindset, about people and about their dreams.

Her experience with traveling around the world and her directions about life in other countries, added to her knowledge as an image coach and tips on high performance ended up influencing thousands of people on their social networks.

Today, in addition to her personal projects and companies, Gaby Vieira also provides exclusive lectures, training and mentorships for women who aim to live a life in high performance. She also guides women who strive for the same success, through the lady boss community that promotes mental reprogramming and empowerment. The Fully Rich Method: Be the boss of your life.

Caroline Bayle

BAYLANDI was founded in March 2020 by Caroline Bayle.

Her sheer creativity and colorful personality gave birth to a “Maison” like no other. La Maison BAYLANDI reconciles luxury with functionality and sets a new standard for environmentally conscious brands. Caroline used her downtime during recent lockdowns to design a fashion accessory that could also serve as a face covering.

She wanted a product that would not only be useful but also beautiful to see and pleasurable to wear. Ever resourceful, she developed the first prototype and with that was born the very first “BAYLANDI” accessory.
Starting October 2021, The BAYLANDI Group is growing exponentially with new innovations and expert subsidiaries: BAYLANDI Scarf, BAYLANDI Events, BAYLANDI Polo, B By BAYLANDI, BAYLANDI Media… La Maison BAYLANDI is expanding its network of notorious partners and prestigious allies to share its glamorous vision with the world.

Boutaina Saieb

A Hospitality & Luxury Operations Management Student, Blogger and Digital creator.

Originally from Algeria and formerly based in France, Boutaina Saieb is a student in the heart of her academic career in Hospitality & Luxury Operations Management in a Swiss institute. 

At the age of 20 she traveled to 18 countries. Gained, an active and open mind, rich in ideas and creativity, and as a result, she has developed a passion for content creation and web design on social networks.

In addition to her short-term but multiple professional experiences in Law, Sales, Fashion, Banking and Customer Relations she works on a mother-daughter E-BUSINESS, as a Sales & marketing operator.

Along with her current studies, she is the Media Coordinator of our Women Empowerment Investment Forum and contributes her time to share her ideas and those of the organization to encourage as many people as possible to join the Women movement and to reach out and inspire the younger generation.


Multifaceted Serial Entrepreneur - Renewable & Solar Energy

Coco Accom hails from the politically scrutinized, controversial yet beautiful South Africa via London, Switzerland and currently based in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

She has that classic, uber glamorous old Hollywood, iconic flair and timeless beauty. Amidst her eloquent British accent, she carries herself with pure grace, elegance and style. She’s miss personality who has lived quite the jet-set life and travelled the world. Coco’s a boxing enthusiast and is joint partners with Repo Ric, as the Chief Operating Officer bringing her business expertise onboard.

She’s a multi-faceted serial entrepreneur with a great businesswoman acumen and strategic dealmaker. This powerhouse writes and executive produces various film and television projects. She attended ‘Toastmasters International’ (TI)Leadership Program at NBC, Universal.

She's an avid children’s activist and humanitarian and very passionate about her children’s foundation, The “Accom Boxing Academy” that was created to provide long term solutions. Her charity work even reached the White House, Pentagon, Washington DC. Her mantra is “Attitudes your Latitude” and “The Path of least Resistance”.

Oni Aningo

Executive Director, Global Group Media

Creator, The Rising Series: Africa, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)/Middle East, Caribbean Rising Series in Forbes Africa, and Forbes Asia Rising Woman Series on CNBC/, Forbes Africa,, Luxe Living Series Thought Leaders Series Author, My real Name is; a photo prose poetry book & Rising Woman Series Africa Edition Luxe coffee-table book on Amazon Executive Producer, writer, Film Finance ‘Walk with Taf’ documentary 2022.

Oni Aningo is a seasoned multi-disciplined Executive Director with over 17 years-experience working with a diverse group of government and private-sector organizations around the world. A well-travelled professional, she specializes in emerging and emerged markets. She has worked in international media, communications and public relations in over 30 countries in North America, Africa, Asia, the Gulf States, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Caribbean. Born in Nigeria and raised in the United States, she is a global executive who intrinsically understands the value of crafting and communicating the right vision and message. A country’s history, economic profile,and future aspirations communicated in the right way can drive FDI, foster dialogue and lead to global .

collaborations.Ms. Aningo specializes in content finance with over 10 million USD revenue generation. She began her career as a Project Coordinator for Schofield Media in Chicago leading several trade publications such as Construction Today, Food & Beverage, then as a Producer for Fox TV in the Middle East, after which she worked as a Project Director for TIME Magazine special section in East Africa and Eastern Europe, before she went on to work as Executive Director for Mining Leaders in Mongolia and Asia. Her love for Africa took her back with a position as Producer- Africa for Global TV (GLTV) and Channel News Asia, until she founded Global Group Media 7 years ago with a single goal of “Telling our Story”.

It is this understanding that drives her dedication to “Telling Our Story.” An ongoing project that promotes a shared vision and platform where emerging economies and key stakeholders can share their success, failures, goals and aspirations on a local, regional and global level. Ms. Aningo remains a passionate advocate and storyteller for entrepreneurs, creatives and businesses in emerging markets around the world via digital, tv, film, print, events and dialogue. CSR Project & Initiative: She founded RS Woman 54 Fund (Rising Woman 54 Fund) in 2021; Our CSR project donates 5% of every Rising Woman Series Africa edition book sold to all of Africa’s 54 countries via a woman led or woman, children and youth focused foundation/NGO.

Ferrouze Gadery

Arts Ambassador

Ferrouze Gadery has over 20 years of experience in artistic management and the organization of cultural events worldwide. Her mission is to reunite different cultures from all over the world through art and music.

She has worked with renowned artists and prestigious brands such as Lanvin, UNESCO, Handicap International, Vogue Italia, Dubai Culture, Abu Dhabi Cultural and Touristic Department. Her philanthropy is at the heart of her work, with concerts organized in Churches to raise funds for different causes such as the Lebanese explosion of 2020.

Alicyn Vye Henning

Alicyn has two passions, the first one is; The Zimbabwean Lowveld (SE Africa), particularly “The Save Valley Conservancy” – “Chishakwe”, which means “Place of the Lions”. Her family played an intricate role in the development of the conservancy. It is the largest privately owned conservation on earth and world famous in stature. The majority of her childhood/adulthood was formed there, along with her adoration for the Zimbabwean fauna and flora.

Her second passion is, “Giving wings to good ideas”. She was fortunate to have her own company from a young age, it was called FLY & Friends – “In Ideas We Trust”. It was exactly that, an idea’s house, giving flight to solid ideas.

She also believes there are two significant days in your life, the day you are born and the day you discover the reason why and for what you were born. She was born to write stories about her homeland. African Stories. This is no surprise apparently, to people that have known her, her entire life. It was always Alicyn and a story book in her hands, since family and friends can remember. During the pandemic, she decided to use her time wisely and realize her dream for writing. A dream she had, had most of her life. Alicyn wrote a novel.

The book is, due for release this year in March or April. “Nyika I Love You”. Her book is based on a true story.

The relationship between a child and eventually a woman and her shona maid, in the lowvelds of a war-tron Zimbabwe. Seen throught the prismatic eyes of Joanna, this is the source for a multifaceted and captivating story of people, culture and personalities. The story means a lot more than black and white. A raw and romantic perspective that can only be provided by someone who grew up in the midst of it all and who is able to brilliantly paint the picture in the language of her African heart. As brutal and beautiful as the reality of the wild life and her roots - The Save Valley Conservancy 3442km' squared in size and world-famous stature, her playground. Crazy parties, sad events, hate, love, motherhood and murder, lions and liars, the cowards and the cauragesous. Tears and laughter as loud and as beautiful as the backdrop of the African Bush itself.

Alicyn has always been fortunate enough, to be surrounded by incredible and talented woman, from Nyika to her mother, daughter, step-daughters, God-Mother, her sisters & non blood tribal sisters. The most important lesson Alicyn has learnt from life, is to; “Look at the view whilst you walk”, you will never see it again, as no two moments are ever identical, similar at times but never identical. She can say one thing for herself.

“I am a natural Story Teller”, it must be the African in me. I don’t know if I am a writer, I will let you decide that.

Alicyn would feel privileged to help the woman in her country get ahead. By writing about my homeland for starters, too get their stories out there into the world, rich stories from what the rest of the world calls a poor Africa. We are not poor, we are rich beyond our wildest dreams. Her Africa will always be rich, Her Africa will always burn passionately in her heart. The following sentence is in Shona the language of the region where she came from; “Zimbabwe”Zvino iye unesimba rokuita zvikuru kwazvo zvinopfuura zvose, zvatinokumbira kana zvatinofunga,nesimba rinobata muhana dzedu.” This means, “We are rich beyond our wildest dreams, because we know life, and we feel God burning in our hearts.”

With Humbleness and respect Alicyn - Alice Vye Henningway (My Pen Name)

"Dreaming is not just for the privileged few, it is for all of us" – Alice Vye Henningway!

Ingrid Orozco

International Business Ambassador.

CEO-Ulead International
Internationalist, corporate diplomat, and expert in trade promotion, business expansion, innovation, and inclusive economic development creator, Ingrid has a very dynamic career, developing, and implementing several projects in America, Asia, Europe and Middle East, as entrepreneur and businesswoman, creating different ventures such as Spaxpress, Cultour, (technological platform to preserve traditions in the Pacific Alliance region) and ULead International (Global Trade Promotion and Investment Attraction Agency). 

Member of the Women’s President Organization (WPO), President to The Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), and Executive Director to The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) in Mexico, Ingrid is a passionate for women integral empowerment, that’s why she has been appointed official partner and National Coordinator to implement the SheTrades Initiative, launched by the International Trade Centre (ITC), the joint agency of the World Trade Organization, and the United Nations, fully dedicated to create ‘trade impact for good.

Senator to Mexico at the World Business Angels Investment Forum, affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion, committed to empower world economic development by easing access to finance, and creating innovative financial instruments for entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups, SMEs and investors. Ingrid has worked for different countries, governments, trade promotion organizations, chambers of commerce, and companies, reaching international agreements, and building bridges of understanding to create prosperity through investment for social impact; bringing education, innovation and economic opportunities for all. Recently she has been appointed Global Representative for The Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, being the first Latina holding that position.

Ingrid advises entrepreneurs and owners of companies throughout Latin America in terms of competitiveness development, education, internationalization processes, diversity and social impact, always promoting, people ́s engagement in the local sustainable development process of their own communities through global actions.

In 2016 she was selected by the U.S. Department of State to be part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) that empowers emerging business and social entrepreneurs from across Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States, to realize the full economic potential of the region’s citizens, led by President Barack Obama. In 2021 was awarded as Global Woman Leader by the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade in India, also Business Commissioner at the Mexican Pavilion at Dubai World Expo 2020., and UAE Country Chair under the auspices of All Ladies League.

Carole Hodges

A multi-discipline master of neurological repatterning

Carole Hodges is a multi-discipline master of neurological repatterning, personality styles, as well as a licensed financial professional. She has consulted with leaders and companies to improve communication and productivity for over 20 years. Her Life Change Navigation reshapes reality through personal clarity and self-empowerment. Carole has consulted with companies in food production, architecture, and business and personal services. She was one of the initial coaches for Harv Eker's SuccessTracs program, CEO of The Menopause Millionaire, the New Book by Best-Selling Author Carole Hodges 

The Menopause Millionaire: A Guide to Prosperity and Meaning in the Second Half of Your Life book is available on Amazon. Menopause could be an easy transition, or it may rock your world," Carole shared, "giving you a new perspective or transforming.

Fallbrook, CA – January 21, 2022.Carole Hodges (LinkedIn) is a best-selling author known as a life change navigator. Her newest book, entitled "The Menopause Millionaire: A Guide to Prosperity and Meaning in the Second Half of Your Life," has just been released and is currently available on Amazon.

When author, Carole Hodges, was approaching menopause, her world fell apart, which drove her deep into discovering herself. In a single year she experienced bankruptcy, divorce, and the death of her daughter, yet she chose to be inspired rather than defeated and created a roadmap to personal fulfillment. This book is an excellent guide for women looking to transform menopause into a life adventure of empowerment, fun, and meaning.

"Menopause could be an easy transition, or it may rock your world," Carole shared, "giving you a new perspective or transforming the younger you into a mighty, self-expressed maven of wisdom."

As Carole re-started her life, she discovered the elements of true prosperity; health, relationships, and financial sufficiency. She invites the reader to review their lives for understanding and growth while encouraging women to design their financial and life goals. She shares the pros and cons of numerous wealth-building options, safe-money choices, and tax considerations. Carole is on a mission to align women’s finances with their life mission.

Kiara Kaur

Set the world record by reading 36 books non stop

Kiara is a 5 year old child prodigy, who set the world record by reading 36 books non stop in just 1 hour 45 minutes at the age of 4 years.

When it comes to excellence, she has a lot to say that led her enter the world book of records yet again as the world’s youngest TEDx speaker at the age of 5 years. Her mind runs wilder than any horse because she has read more than 2000 books before completion of this book. She thinks more and speaks a bit more. Kiara Kaur gave a nine minute speech at a TEDx event where she shared her "Inspirational Journey" from the age one one, till she made it to the World Book of Records at the age of 4. She had been felicitated by H.E. Sheikh Award Mohammad Sheikh Mogrin. She wants to see the world beyond the boundaries set by humans in terms of caste, creed or religion. She believes that humanity is the essence of every religion.

Dr. Little Mahendra

MDS, PhD, Postdoc(USA), MFDS RCPS (GLASGOW), FISDR, PGDHM Ex Dean and Head of Research, Maktoum Bin Hamdan Dental

Dr. Little Mahendra, MDS, PhD, Postdoc(USA), MFDS RCPS (GLASGOW), FISDR, PGDHM Ex Dean and Head of Research, Maktoum Bin Hamdan Dental University College, Dubai.

Dr. Little Mahendra is currently associated with many research organization internationally. She is graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University in 2005 and completed her post graduation program in Periodontology from Cuddalore Dental College and Hospital, Annamalai university from 2006 to 2009. During this tenure, she had also completed post graduate diploma in hospital management. After completing her Master degree program, she pursued her passion of teaching and she started to work in the Department of Periodontology at Annamalai University from 2009 to 2016. Her extensive research work on Neuroendocrinology led her to earn Ph.D in 2013 from Annamalai University. She had gained experience in the field of stem cells research and attained Post Doctoral training in stem cells from Michigan State University, USA. She was Awarded Dr.B.Sibapathasundaram Medal for Best Research Paper presented at National conference for dental research.

She also received “Best Dental Educator Award 2020” from Graviton International, LONDON. She received the “young researcher award” at AEEDC 2022. Her extraordinary work and dedication towards her profession lead to achieve many awards at International & national level. She is the recipient of “BEST DENTAL EDUCATOR” from IAE & Asia Dental Awards 2020 organised by Graviton International. She is a Fellow of Indian Society of Dental Research (FISDR). She's a receiver of "THE BEST DOCTOR AWARD” by Dr. M.G.R. Medical University of Govt. of Tamil Nadu. She won SIRI Research award by Indian association of Biomedical Scientists. She was Awarded Dr.B.Sibapathasundaram Medal for Best Research Paper presented at National conference for dental research.

She also received “Best Dental Educator Award 2020” from Graviton International, LONDON. She received the “young researcher award” at AEEDC 2022

She is also the editorial board member of International journal of current research and review. Apart from this she has a number of national and international publications to her credit.

Nicole Purin

She works as an international finance lawyer covering the Middle East and Africa

She is a world citizen, who has lived in Saudi Arabia, India, London, the United States and is now living in Dubai, where she works as an international finance lawyer covering the Middle East and Africa.

Nicole’s success is based on her international outlook and her leadership style is highly ‘inclusive’. Her vision is that in the current global climate where collaboration is key, it is essential to promote a culture of respect and diversity. Nicole is also an author at the Executive Magazine and has contributed to multiple legal publications. She is the executive producer of a documentary called “Beautiful Life of Women” which examines women’s empowerment in the Middle East through the creative industry. Nicole Purin has always found her innate strength around ‘passion’ and ‘determination’ and wishes to empower others.

Arlen Bruce Shapiro

He founded Kyto Meridien Labs , a Cancer Research and Diagnostic Laboratory.

Mr. Arlen Bruce Shapiro began post graduate studies in CytoPathology and Finance. In addition advanced courses in Colposcopic procedures at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. In 1971, Mr. Shapiro founded Kyto Meridien Labs , a Cancer Research and Diagnostic Laboratory. The company grew considerably over 35 years evolving into substantial OB-GYN testing laboratory performing patient testing in 35 states. The Laboratory serviced over 2.8 million women per year for cervical and ovarian cancer. In the years that followed, Mr.Shapiro invested in business opportunities womens medical technology, and devoting his time on current variations for FDA Corona Virus ,on site testing assay kits, on site equipment for immediate results, in hopes to contain the spread and save lives worldwide.

Gloria Halim

She is an Award-Winning, Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Gloria Halim is an Award-Winning, Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, the Author of Healing Foods Healthy Foods, International and TEDx Speaker. She trained at Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She is the founder of Gloria Halim Wellness and Rock on Divas.

Gloria is a women's health advocate and works with clients on a 1- 2-1 basis, with a special focus on reducing stress and balancing hormones. She shares information that empowers women to make the best health and lifestyle choices, to enable them take control of their body and health helping them feel more relaxed, balanced, and able to face each day more energized and live vibrant lives.She also works with leaders as a Chief Wellness Officer within the Corporate arena to build Well-being into the framework as part of your organisation’s culture by creating a comprehensive and holistic well-being strategy to empower employees to be their best selves professionally and personally.

Having gone through the cancer journey, looking back on her lifestyle pre-diagnosis and with all the knowledge she has now, Gloria’s mission is to help individuals avoid getting diagnosed with any of the numerous dis-eases on the planet right now by providing the necessary information required to reset, heal, and boost their health. She believes that as individuals have the power with the right information and support to change our health and lifestyle.

Getting healthy is not about dieting or embarking on a strenuous exercise routine, it’s about a holistic lifestyle change that would enable individuals reverse symptoms of dis-ease or pre-empt the onset of dis-ease. Gloria feels so thankful to have the knowledge and experience to serve others, and feels honoured to be able to do that. She’s supported and continues to support many individuals especially women in healing and changing their lives for the better.

Soy Fira

She is a civil engineer.

We are all connected by one trace, where people's actions can affect the whole world like its happening in COVID times. I'm a civil engineer, but I discovered that the bridges I want to build are between people, and I use technology to do itI started taking photographs, then I created my wearable art fashion line using my art work. The pieces are embroidered by hand. This led me to draw portraits that have been sent to 30 countries, both in digital and physical formats. I always carry my notebook with me when I go to museums in order to draw the works of great masters in a single trace. I always carry my notebook with me when I go to museums in order to draw the works of great masters in a single trace. I am a member of Global Shaper, an initiative by the World Economic Forum; an ambassador for One Young World, the world's largest conference of young leaders; an EXMA speaker and I represent my generation at EXPO DUBAI. I’m co-founder of the biggest NFTs telegram group o Latinamerica were we are more than 1500 among artists, collectors and curious people who want to learn. Forbes has taken me out 2, one of my piece flew to space with Jeff Bezos (look Blue origin tweet to believe it! :D and painted for women day for Vogue. When I was 17 years old, I created my NGO "Ya Tengo Donde Escribir”, where we make notebooks out of cereal boxes and recycled paper for low-income children and now we want to give away tablets. I am making my traces known so I can continue to tell stories. I invite you to be a part of this one. Here is my link so you can explore more about my metaverse.
Visit linktr
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Kristal Rabie

She is a founder and director of Bahcci International.

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. I am Kristal Rabie, founder and director of Bahcci International. Bahcci is a brand I created at the age of 14. I started young and added products and sales anvenues along the way.

ave the house, so I started looking for a new method of hair extensions to assist in fixing the issue. I then found a beaded method suited to fine hair, although after training, I found there was a flaw in method for thin hair and people with allergies. I had an allergic reaction to the metal used, so using some knowledge I had gained from my fathers business I changed the bead to copper and the paint to a weatherproof airbrush paint that does not peel or oxidise. This was safer on the hair and completely hypoallergenic. Catering to all ethnicities and hair types, I have always endeavored to perfect the techniques to Suit all women struggling with hair loss. Health or genetics contribute to hair loss, so I have always researched ways to assist my clients. In my 20s, I started developing a hair care range with a naturopath with essential oil mixtures derived from ancient Arabia, Indian and Asian remedies. These assisted in cleansing the scalp while strengthening the root of the clients natural hair.

Currently , we are working on a hair growth supplement to accompany these mixtures to increase the essential vitamins that assist with growth. All our products are ethically sourced and manufactured. This has been a core belief in my business from the age of 18. After traveling and seeing the source of the hair, we changed our practices dramatically. We started a new supply chain where we source our hair from agents who collect the ponytails from salons. Each donor is personally paid for her ponytail. This means a lot to us empowering women isn’t only speaking out. It starts with our personal choices daily. What we choose to buy and use influences the treatment of women globally. Choosing ethically sourced products is essential to support women everywhere. This is why, at, we have created a Cruelty Free standard in the hair extensions industry.

Essential oils act like hair food from the outside in. I started creating personalised mixes for my clients until we created a standardised range for all women experiencing hair loss. Currently , we are working on a hair growth supplement to accompany these mixtures to increase the essential vitamins that assist with growth.


Creative Directors

Ebtihal Alkanzy

multicultural blogger

Eptihal Alknazy is a multicultural blogger born and raised in UAE for a Sudanese family. Eptihal had a unique chance to absorb the cultures of Arabia and the West while keeping her African roots and heritage. She is the events manager of the leading event company in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, Alkanzy is also the Special Regional Coordinator for International Youth Federation (Middle East and North Africa). She is a Sudanese leader, senior operations specialist, events manager, business developer, fashion designer, model and a stylist passionate about youth empowerment, innovation, and community development. Through her work has had extensive experience in the field of operations, academia and the private sector.

Asmaa Hanine

Founder of RAAR

Asmaa is the founder of RAAR, a luxury lifestyle and events Management Company based in Dubai, with a niche on women services. Asmaa is a former project manager at E&Y in Paris, where she also graduated from one of the top Business Schools. She is very involved in Women's Empowerment and is engaged in many causes.


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