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This is a historic moment as it is the first time that women are placed on the same business platform that's been given to men. This forum recognizes women as the most forward and sophisticated investors in the Middle East while also recognizing women from around the world for their many incredible talents.

The two most important topics currently and for the next 100 years are Global Warming and Women's Empowerment & Recognition of their Accomplishments. We will have the most epic night combining ultra luxury, glamour and business finance with a platform that honors the most prominent and powerful women from around the world. Expo 2021 begins October 2021 and this is a very special year for Dubai as over 35 million people will be attending the Expo. The Expo 2021 attendees have already started pouring into Dubai and are anxious and excited to see the best brands showcasing their products, services and technology.

Historically, private wealth in the Middle East has been viewed as family, as opposed to individual wealth, and run centrally with strategic management led by male family members. Whilst decisions and actions are often highly influenced by female family members, such influence is informal and typically not visible. We are now seeing increasing participation and visibility of women in entrepreneurship in the strategic management of family wealth and in growth of their own independent investment portfolios parallel to but separate from family wealth.

In addition to a vast amount of wealth in the region, there has been a growth in bank and boutique advisory services concentrating on female investors. Recent estimates suggest that the Middle East has around $3.1tm of investable assets - and that a significant and increasing proportion, estimated variously between 20% and 40% of it is held by or for women.


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In June 2010, Burj Khalifa was the recipient of the 2010 "Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa" award by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. On 28 September 2010 Burj Khalifa won the award for best project of the year at the Middle East Architect Awards 2010.

Awards Chair Gordon Gill, of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, said:

We are talking about a building here that has changed the landscape of what is possible in architecture - a building that became internationally recognized as an icon long before it was even completed. 'Building of the Century' was thought a more appropriate title for it.


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Open the evening with a brief welcome and thank all the people and organizations who helped put this event together.

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