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Our mission is to provide pro bono emotional support and reconstructive surgery for women, children and men from around the world who have been victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking or any Cruel Acts of Crime.

Ayoka Foundation

Ayoka Foundation seeks to immediately mobilize resources and essential equipment for the treatment of congenital heart disease and also to secure specialists for its treatment in the country. It aims to provide educational support for brilliant but needy children in the northern part of Ghana; easy access to portable drinking water in deprived areas; and support the wellbeing of widows.


Charity Event Partners

Deborah Alessi

She is an ambitious and successful woman entrepreneur

Deborah Alessi has a life I describe as an interesting, fulfilling, diverse, exciting, sometimes heart-wrenching but always blessed dichotomy. In her personal life, the fiery and fabulous Scotland native lives in Beverly Hills and is married to a renowned plastic surgeon. She is also an ambitious and successful woman entrepreneur who owns Beverly Hills Vitamin Therapy, an IV treatment company with locations at luxury resorts and hotels in exotic cities and locales including The United Arab Emirates, Maldives, London, Beverly Hills, Thailand and soon she will be opening in Bali.
Conversely, there’s another side of Deborah’s life that is far from glamorous, but in some ways more impactful. She spends part of her year navigating horrific slums in Cambodia, flop houses in Eastern Europe, back-alley dwellings in the Middle East and other dark and dangerous dots on the globe for her renowned Face Forward International foundation.

TThe organization rescues victims of cruelty and provides often time’s life-saving plastic surgery and care for them. Her annual celebrity-studded, black-tie gala in Beverly Hills is one of the biggest in Los Angeles, and, as a successful woman entrepreneur, she’s raised millions of dollars to care for victims of cruelty in the past ten years.
One week she could be trying to help save a 24-year-old wife in Afghanistan, whose face was disfigured by an acid attack from her husband. The next day, she could be relaxing on the beaches of Saint-Tropez after meeting with luxury hotel partner who is including her IV treatment in their amenity package. Luxury travel, managing stress, running a business, dealing with constant pressures and deadlines, it’s all just part of Deborah’s life. A life from which we can draw knowledge and inspiration.

Denise Rich

Gabrielle's Angel Foundation's President & Co-Founder

Grammy-nominated songwriter Denise Rich has created an expansive body of work that embraces several musical genres and transcends cultural divides. Her songs span across generations and have been recorded by world-class artists from Mandy Moore to Natalie Cole. Multi-faceted and driven, Rich is recognized internationally as a serious and ardent philanthropist and entrepreneur.
Ms. Rich created Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research in 1996 in memory of her daughter, Gabrielle, who passed away at age 27 from acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). Since its inception, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation has awarded grants totaling $35 million to over 300 of the top physician-scientists in America. Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation maintains its status as one of the largest non-governmental sources of grant support for blood cancer research in the United States.

Denise Rich hosts the signature fund raising event for the Foundation, the Angel Ball, to promote awareness and further fund these vital research initiatives. The Angel Ball has become recognized as one of New York City’s top charity events with past honorees including: Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan; Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev; Dr. Daniel Vasella of Novartis Pharmaceutical, Naomi, H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Heloise Pratt, Howard Lutnick, Hugh Jackman, Clive Davis, The Kardashian Family, Jeff Gordon, Queen Noor of Jordan, Sean Parker, Harvey Spevak, Monte & Avery Lipman, Nile Rogers and Naomi Campbell. Past Angel Ball performers and celebrity participants include: Jennifer Hudson, Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Patti LaBelle, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Kool & the Gang, One Republic, Marc Anthony, Ludacris, Nelly, Smokey Robinson, Robin Thicke, T-Pain, Jamie Foxx and Florida, Kim Kardashian and with President Bill Clinton serving as Honorary Chair at two past Angel Ball galas.

Ms. Rich is President and Songwriter of NYC-based independent music publishing company, Denise Rich Songs, writing and producing music of the highest quality across several genres. Ms. Rich’s songs resonate with different genres and cultures as she writes in English, French, Spanish and Italian. Her songs have been recorded by many respected and world-renowned artists including R&B icons Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Bilge, Latin pop sensations Marc Anthony and Lara Fabian, international superstar Celine Dion, legendary headliners Johnny Mathis and Diana Ross, art song interpreters like Duncan Sheik, and dance divas from Donna Summer to Amber.

Her song “I Have Loved You” appeared on Jessica Simpson’s multi-platinum album .In this Skin, “Candy” provided Mandy Moore with a Top Ten hit, and “Livin’ For Love” peaked at the top of the dance charts for Natalie Cole. “Aim Your Arrow High” helped earn a Grammy nomination (Contemporary Soul/Gospel) for the Tramaine Hawkins album To a Higher Place. Her song, “Don’t Waste Your Time,” a duet with musicians Mary J. Bilge and Aretha Franklin, also earned her a Grammy nomination. She has written for many film projects, including Billy Porter’s rendition of “Love Is on the Way” in The First Wives Club, which inspired Celine Dion to record her triple-platinum version of the song. Rich also wrote “Love Is a Crime” for the film Chicago which was also featured on the film’s Grammy winning Soundtrack. Her music stands the test of time with a revival of one of her songs written and performed by Luther Vandross, recently newly recorded by Dionne Warwick for her I’m Back album, where the remix landed a number one Breakout Dance Song on the Billboard charts. Proving her continued songwriting longevity, her song “Love Will Set You Free” was sampled and featured in the Wale song “Set You Free” just released by Warner Records for the rapper’s sixth studio album.


founder of Ara Lumiere which was envisioned and brought together under Hothur Foundation.

Kulsum Shadab Wahab is the founder of Ara Lumiere which was envisioned and bought together under Hothur Foundation. While working closely with survivors of acid attacks. Each untold story of physical and psychological trauma resonated within her heart, bringing in a clear pathway towards a journey to showcase these forgotten stories of the survivors into the forefront as they set their progression towards nourishment and healing, through medical aid such as skin banking, per the survivor’s requirement which is usually an extensive course of surgeries in a year.

In combination with mental health aid that is nurtured in a safe environment that helps these women re-establish themselves back into society, which is a process not bound with time. The collections from Ara Lumiere stand as a personal expression of ideas and beliefs that are engraved through the resilience that the women of Ara hold.

Considered a home to starting conversations that are unspoken off, she seeks to challenge and transform notions of power, privilege and resources. Her focus is on changing philanthropy through inclusion. Putting more emphasis on causes like gender equality, especially where this notion is unheard off, which is usually the case in rural and marginalised parts of a diverse country such as India.

Her work with groups of different ages and communities of society has allowed her to truly understand the value of equity in equality. And that each individual is truly different from another. She embraces working collaboratively. Believing that this increases the prominence of initiatives, leading towards a more powerful impact. Kulsum Shadab Wahab is a force to be reckon with, holding an extraordinary potential to change the world one small step at a time.

Hothur Foundation

Spearheaded by Kulsum Shadab Wahab

Hothur Foundation, spearheaded by Kulsum Shadab Wahab aims at addressing and uplifting the economically backward and providing the challenged with educational, medical, maternity, psychological and matrimonial guidance, rehabilitation and counselling for survivors of acid attacks and more.

Giving back has been a tradition conscientiously followed by the Hothur family, especially when India is reeling from the worst hit of COVID-19. Hothur has been actively seeking out measures to help aid patients with providing medical resources such as oxygen cylinders and installing oxygen plants in rural areas around the country. While also including other medical facilities such as beds at hospitals which are in scarcity due to the falling of a poor health care system. COVID-19 is exposing, exploiting and exacerbating pre-existing inequalities, especially gender inequalities and Hothur plans on giving relief in the form of aid related to hunger, medical care, shelter and support.

By heightening risks for those already exploited, increasing the risks of exploitation, it’s usually the poor and discriminated who are paying the price. Our main goal and focus is to change that.

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Better World Fund

Created in 2016 by Manuel Collas de la Roche to raise awareness

The Better World Fund was created in 2016 by Manuel Collas de la Roche to raise awareness about the main humanitarian and sustainability issues of our time. Through our cultural commitment, especially cinematographic, and our support for impact projects, our objective is to educate and take action to reduce inequalities, improve the well-being of all, and protect our planet and our ecosystems.

Our Missions: Women rights and education - Environment - Biodiversity - Ecosystems, with a central question « What legacy are we leaving for the future generation ?We organize and participate in high-end advocacy events in Cannes, Paris, Monaco, Hollywood, New York, Venice, Cairo, Miami and now Dubai.

We build a digital engagement ecosystem » to connect grassroots movements with Nobel laureates, Oscar and grammy-winners, top entrepreneurs and other celebrities « to make the world a better place ». We award people engaged for the good causes. We raise money to finance caritatives programs.This program will take place with the support of the French Embassy and in partnership with many organizations including ENGIE, SAP, Thomson Broadcast, the University of Paris-Saclay, and numerous companies.

We are proud to annonce that our December event on the occasion of the « International day of persons with disabilities » was a success. As part of the United Nations Oceans Fortnight and Dubai Expo 2020, we are now hosting a series of high-profile events in Dubai on 25th and 26th March 2022 focusing on the « Protection of the Oceans and the Blue Economy « . This program will take place with the support of the French Embassy and in partnership with many organizations including ENGIE, SAP, Thomson Broadcast, the University of Paris-Saclay, and numerous companies. It will culminate in the screening of the moovie « Better than us » ( Official selection Cannes Film Festival 2021 ) and the prestigious Gala event of the 26th March.

Contact Geraldine Dunoyer International Director BWF for further information And visit

Association of Profesional Ball Players of America

APBPA has grown to over 101,500 members & we have helped over 3,700 ballplayers.

Who we are: Our organization was formed when twelve former MLB baseball players, including Babe Ruth, gathered in Los Angeles, California in 1924 with first baseball Commissioner Hon. Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis and determined there was a need to assist the less fortunate members of the baseball profession. In the past almost hundred years, we have grown to over 101,500 current members and have provided temporary financial assistance to thousands of current and former professional players, coaches, umpires, scouts, and trainers. Major League Baseball, the National Association of the Minor Leagues, MLB Alumni, MLBPAA, AAGPL, and SABR have all endorsed the Association and recognize the important role we play in helping those ballplayers in need.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to furnish financial assistance to the sick or indigent ballplayer or member of the baseball family when he becomes of an age where he is no longer able to provide for himself and has no other source of income. This includes any ballplayer or member of the baseball family who may contract an incurable disease, irrespective of age, who has no other source of income or relatives to provide for him. We are proud to provide emergency assistance for a broad range of circumstances one may encounter in their life. Since the beginning, our Association has grown to over 101,500 members & we have helped over 3,700 ballplayers.

Naoual Atlas

Doctor of Pharmacy, Founder of AMSA, President ROTARY LILAS, President ROTARY club Morocco-HISPNO

, Doctor of Pharmacy, Founder of AMSA, President ROTARY LILAS, President ROTARY club Morocco-HISPNO, Member of the executive office of the Moroccan association for popular diplomacy in preemption SAHARA BAITOUNA, Member of the association Inbiaate Berrechid, Honorary President of the association for the fight against cancer in Congo Brazzaville, Member of the Oyo synergic plateau association, Member of AFEM and AMEN. Naoual ATLAS born on, after a baccalaureate at Al Ouaha High School, Casablanca, Morocco - Scientific Baccalaureate Option science Math (with honors) in 1989, she joined the Hassan II University of Casablanca, specializing in Maths Physics where she studied there from 1989 to 1991. Then she was admitted to the Institut Pasteur, France & Morocco with a research thesis as part of the end-of-studies program. She finished her studies and obtained her doctoral degree in pharmacy herbal medicine option in 1997 She began her professional life immediately out of college by opening her pharmacy (Pharmacy ATLAS Ain Sebaa Casablanca) to contribute to the development and well-being of the population of Casablanca. A woman of character, humble, dynamic and very enterprising, she was appointed in 2009 as Head of Search for partners likely to bring added value and expertise to the project, Project Feasibility Study, Fundraising, Mises- implementation of the project with the choice of stakeholders external to BETAGRO ATLAS, a future Unit specializing in the processing, cutting and marketing of cattle (Subsidiary of the Belgian group Etablissement Charles Henry de Namur in Belgium) where very quickly becomes Principal Partner of our days. She is always smiling and swinging, she was appointed in 2008 President of the Agricultural Cooperative HALIB ATLAS, Berrechid - Morocco and by her remarkable work she still keeps the post until today.

She is always smiling and swinging, she was appointed in 2008 President of the Agricultural Cooperative HALIB ATLAS, Berrechid - Morocco and by her remarkable work she still keeps the post until today. Adored daughter After the death of her dad in ………… she took the reins of the family company PROTELEC (Company of low, medium and high voltage electrical installation (CA 150 M.DHS) Morocco) where she took under her shoulders several positions, namely that of the Collection Department; the International Relations Department; An experienced woman very quickly, she set up a very efficient organizational system that will allow the company to rise among the best low, medium and high voltage electrical installation companies. Indeed, it sets up a computerized management system for the collection process, it creates outstanding tables (payment schedules), sets up effective monitoring of construction sites and the progress of work, sets up a Prospecting system, Contacts and improvement of customer and supplier relations, Daily monitoring system of the site quality process, Management system for part of the sales force on the recovery aspect, Risk analysis system counterparty in our portfolio. In 2008 she was asked by the Minister of Health of Congo who appointed her Advisor to the Minister of Health of Congo Brazzaville Mr FRANCOIS IBOVI. With her thirst for a better Africa, her Charisma, her intelligence, her selflessness and her dynamism Naoual ATLAS in February 2018 was received by the first lady of BURKINA FASO as the Founder of AMSA (Moroccan Association for African Solidarity) a association that comes to the aid of the poorest, especially women and children, within the framework of experience sharing. Then in November 2018 she was invited by a Burkinabé political party, the NTD (New Time for Democracy) for a conference with the women of the party. After this conference she was appointed Advisor to the President of the party MR VINCENT DABILGOU by the President himself, current Minister of Transport, Urban Mobility and Road Safety. In February 2019 she was invited to FESPACO by the Minister of Culture and the Mayor of Ouagadougou, capital of BURKINA FASO. Always having a desire to help in March 2019 she returns to BURKINA with Moroccan Investors. And in July 2019 she returns once again but this time as a representative of a Spanish company, EUROFINSA.


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