Accessibility Ambassador

Nawal Benzaouia

Universal Accessibility expert Founder and CEO Massiraa

When you first meet Nawal, you will be activated by her smile, her commitment to people with disabilities, and her keen business sense. She is a force in the accessibility community. Respected by her peers and her clients, she has expanded her company Massiraa, from France into Dubai, and continues to look for opportunities to help create a more universally accessible world for people with disabilities. She attended college in Strasbourg France, Majoring in Social Science and pursue a Master degree in Paris and it was during that time, graduating as an accessibility expert from one of the only schools in the world providing training in this field, that she launched her own company Massiraa in France and then in UAE.

Massiraa is an international Universal Accessibility Expert company in the UAE with an objective to deliver innovative, inclusive solutions through economic and sustainable models to clients. Massiraa is the first and only company in all of the UAE and GCC countries holding a licence dedicated specifically towards universal accessibility with the approval of the Ministry of Community Development in UAE.

she travelled all over the world in Africa; Asia and Europe and at the moment Dubai is her home base.


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