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Women's Empowerment Investment Forum has become the big sister to the women’s empowerment groups that require funding in order to achieve their mission of empowering women globally. Through our organization we reach groups, corporation, companies, philanthropist, etc.. to help us provide and disturbute to the many women’s empowerment groups that need it.


Women's Empowerment Investment Forum
Red Carpet Gala

It is our great privilege to be the forerunners in the Middle East and throughout the world in celebrating and acknowledging some of the most influential and powerful women in their accomplishments in finance/investments, business, theatre, humanitarian, fashion, politics, media, science & technology, sports, medical, peace, military, police, educators and mentors. Women are incredibly unique and have reinvented the way business conferences are being held today. Today's woman has combined her understanding and interest in high level financial sophistication with her ability to keep the attending audience captivated throughout an important evening. Attendees will be captivated throughout the entire evening by the most fascinating testimonials of defeat and success as well as non-stop live entertainment by both highly recognized performers and the new up and coming talent. The most glamorous and worldly men and women have come together to give the VIP Guests the most memorable Women's Empowerment Red Carpet Gala that has never been produced.


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Open the evening with a brief welcome and thank all the people and organizations who helped put this event together.

Live Musical Performance

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Live Entertainment Throughout Evening

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Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Garcia is a Humanitarian and philanthropist

Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Garcia is a humanitarian and philanthropist who prides himself in adding a charitable cause to every investment forum, gala event and business he undertakes. The Garcia family has been deeply devoted to serving God and active in humanitarian causes and charitable organizations in USA, Mexico and Spain for over 200 years and Rev. Dr. Garcia continues to carry on the strong family values of giving back to the people. The result of his passion in financing businesses is creating jobs. Garcia says, “creating jobs changes the outcome of a child’s dreams.” Rev. Dr. Garcia has also actively participated as a “deal maker” to a variety of CEO’s, governments, corporations, and charities, around the world. He has received many accolades and been recognized globally for his charitable contributions and in 2013 was given an Honorary United States Marshal Secret Service award. In 2017 he played an integral role in introductions that led to the meeting of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and United States of America President Donald J. Trump. It was a historical moment.

He is an ex-professional athlete and over the past several decades represented and worked in humanitarian causes with a number of Hollywood’s elite celebrities, professional athletes, and socialites. Rev. Dr. Daniel has resided between the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Eastern Europe and Europe for the past ten years. He is active in several global charities, and serves on advisory boards as well as directorships with companies around the world. In 2019 he started a monthly investment forum and consequently hosted over 60 companies from the United States of America and around the world to Dubai in search of funding, business development, expansion/growth, partnership/local sponsor, franchises, etc. He is proud to say that everyone who shared their project, business plan, presentation, etc., has either opened a satellite office in Dubai or permanently moved their company to Dubai. When asked about his passion for women’s empowerment he said, “my grandmother made certain we prayed the rosary on our knees every night from the time we could speak until the time we left home as adults. These teachings led me all the way to attending seminary school. This kind of commitment to love, educate and enlighten her grandchildren gave me all the power to live out all my dreams. She showed me that being devoted to God means to help the ones who can’t help themselves.” He believes that the more you empower a woman a better world we will all have.


Mission Ambassador

Yesmin Ben hammouda

Mission Ambassador

Yesmin Ben hammouda was born and raised in Luxembourg and is currently living in Dubai. She attended Paris Sorbonne university in Abu Dhabi for five years and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in International Business Law. After that she opened her interior design company YesLux in Abu Dhabi. She’s an ambassador for White Ribbon Ukraine. White Ribbon is a non profit organization against gender based discrimination and domestic violence towards women. Currently they are developing an application where abused women can seek for help any time.Yesmin recently graduated in Master Life Coaching, Master NLP practitioning and Hypnosis. She is helping many people to release their traumas, their emotional baggage and to lead a purposeful life.She is also a polyglot and speaks 8 languages; French,English, German, Luxembourgish, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and a bit of Russian. Ms. Ben hammouda has participated in the Mount Everest Fashion Runway Season 2 in September 2021 and is a Guinness World Record holder for participating in the highest altitude fashion show in the world in Nepal. Yesmin is an active model and has been featured in many magazines covers. With her opening and closing of Cecilia Perez fashion show in Luxembourg in 2014 she has since been amazing the crowds.
Glamour Bulgaria cover girl October 2020 Click Here
Shape magazine cover girl December 2020 Click Here
Vogue cover girl January 2021 Click Here
L’officel cover February 2021 Click Here
Vogue Mexico article Click Here


yesmin-ben-hammouda-habla-de-la-igualdad-de-genero-como-embajadora-de-white-ribbon Interview for RTL, Luxembourg’s number one Tv Channel Click Here
Article in L’essentiel Luxembourg Newspaper about her accomplishment in Mount Everest Click Here
She also appeared in the movie the notorious guys in 2013. It was nominated for the best Luxembourgish feature film and voted best trailer in Avanca international film festival. Her passion for fitness keeps her active in Muay Thai where she has been practicing for the past 18 years. She’s been CrossFit Champion in University Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi in 2016. In addition to her modeling and film career, she is well known for her humanitarian efforts. Whenever Yesmin is traveling, she makes certain to always visit orphanages and makes sure they have everything they need. While traveling from Thailand to Bali to Tunisia and Portugal she has visited orphanages and actively promotes education and women’s rights. Her current project is building a school in Zanzibar for 300 students. Yesmin Ben hammouda lives to serve her passion in making a positive change for humanity


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